Why BSC & ETH Network ?

Because there is no more stable network than these two networks.
You can write us many network names, but you will find that all of them have hang-up problems, freeze frequently, have many problems, have very serious whale problems.
Building a blockchain from scratch is very difficult. It would have caused us to deal with an infinite number of security vulnerabilities and other problems. This would slow us down on our way to the goal we wanted to reach. But bsc and eth have resolved these issues. We know what is good. BSC Network has excellent speed, low commission, very good discovery and very strong transparency. Users do not need to pay $30 to send $20. BSC's superior speed and much lower transaction fees allow us to implement the idea of maximizing the earning and staking feedback loop. We believe the bnb network is the future of cryptocurrencies. For these reasons, we preferred to be in bsc first. This situation saved us time and effort.
The ETH network is a very popular platform for NFTs. And almost all good nft markets use ETH infrastructure. This is why an ETH integration was needed. Today you can NFT your own face if you want. And you can easily carry it on platforms like opensea. That's why we chose to use both BNB and ETH network together to perform an ETH integration and get one face NFT.