What has Mefa Changed?

Mefa showed how real world objects can be moved into the metaverse environment. It provided the beginning of functional NFTs.


■The problem with most NFT projects is that they do not have a use case and dont have a sustainable economic system.
■Launching Metaverse projects as 2D games
■The inability to automate the use of Artificial Intelligence
■3D NFT model conversions are quite slow (some projects 4 days for a single character)
■No blockchain adaptation with virtual glasses platform applications Lack of awareness of the power of artificial intelligence
■Inability of projects to survive in the long term

Our Solutions

■Mefa project models a 2D photo in one minute with the facemaker application and mints it as 3D dimensional NFT.
■It literally offers a real artificial intelligence algorithm. Because converting a 2D face to 3D is a very laborious process.
■Our Metaverse app, VR Meeting, is only accessible with oculus. So it's literally a metaverse experience.
■People can see from the face NFT results that our AI is working very well.
■Currently, face NFTs are minted in full size due to the VR Meeting application. The VR Meeting app is a revolution in oculus in terms of blockchain adoption. Entry is done with blockchain control. It is matched in this way and those who do not have face NFT cannot access it.
■Mefa is one of the rare projects that does not fall below the pre-sale price and maintains its price at a certain level while most projects disappear. And it has achieved this within the bear season.