How Does Work Facemaker ?

Mefa project is the first real project that has been revealed in terms of metaverse & AI until now.
Metaverse is not a game or video formation. It is the first steps of a huge entertainment and informatics industry. Adding a metaverse tag to its name or saying supporting this feature is not enough, as projects trying to capitalize on popularity do. The property of the metaverse is not the sale of lands that belong to states or individuals at all. This part is the most open part of the metaverse world to abuse. The ownership of land belongs to only one person or institution in the infinite universe. This project is the first real project that has been revealed in terms of metaverse & AI until now. It was born as a solution to a need. Since the metaverse is virtual, virtual characters will be used, but this project has emerged due to the lack of produced NFTs. And it is at an early stage. There is no other project in the world that does modeling so fast and produces it as nft in the BSC&ETH network. If there is to be a true metaverse, our project with enormous potential is needed.. Now the facemaker is ready for your use. There are many projects and games. It’s really hard to process facial data. Finding specific engineers for this would require a lot of facial data for artificial intelligence. This is a cost and a burden for projects. Our project, which works fully in this field and continues to develop, will find a solution to this problem of other projects. It is a project created as a need.WEB 3 is being built, people want to get rid of platform dependencies thanks to NFTs. People want to transfer their characters. This is where the Face NFTs, which are produced in the closest way to reality with artificial intelligence, enter the ball.

1. Photo

First of all, make sure it is on our official website. Keep in mind that there are many scam platforms and when you connect your wallet to these websites, your investments will suffer. You need to connect your Metamask wallet to the system. Remember that your photo belongs to you, your personal data is never saved in our system, all operations are done on variables. If you do not want your photo to be in the first part of our web page as the last minted NFT, you should activate the hide my photo option. Mefa does not save any personal data, does not ask for your information such as name, surname, phone, e-mail. It does not demand anyone's photo by force. The owner of the relevant wallet is responsible for the photos uploaded to the system. Please beware of scammers and fake websites.

2.Artificial Intelligence

Having a biometric 2D and high-resolution photo without hats, glasses, and similar jewelry or items is very important for the best results. Your photo must be saved on your computer. It is not possible to send photos via the link.It is not possible to send photos via the link.


You need to upload this photo in the upload window that will appear later. The AI software running in the background turns the photo into a 3D NFT using artificial intelligence. After seeing and examining the nft, you can save your nft in your wallet by pressing the mint button and paying the nft production fee. And you can see the results in bscscan or ethscan.

I have FACE NFT, What Can I Do?

Negotiations continue for the use of Mefa face NFTs, especially in game and metaverse environments. We are constantly striving for this. As a result of community pressure, it happened in some projects that we partnered with. Head games were important to us. Our Face NFTs could be used here, but they also closed their projects. And there are currently not many blockchain games that can use face NFT. However, interest in artificial intelligence applications is increasing. There is no other project where image processing artificial intelligence is used as effectively as mefa. We see it in some image processing artificial intelligence applications.
We see it in some image processing artificial intelligence applications.For example, they have 5 - 6 NFT and they say that 5-6 photos were produced by artificial intelligence. They never explain where and how it was done, because there is no artificial intelligence.

WHY BNB & ETH Payments?

What is the contribution of this to the project? One-way liquidity cannot be added. If you want to add liquidity to mefa. To add liquidity, both mefa and bnb will be required. Receiving payment using only mefa would have not contributed to the project. In a pool, as one of the two parties increases, its value will decrease. Payments were planned to be made as mefa, and the platform was developed by using mefa until the last stage. However, when nft is purchased with mefa, both reflection features and addition to automatic liquidity cause very serious problems. Mefa will be added to the mefa pool continuously by adding the mefa next to the BNB fees received as the NFT minting fee, and this will be announced. BNBs will be met from NFT production. Mefa will be taken from the team wallet. and together they will be added to the liquidity. We also know that all major projects use BNB or ETH instead of their tokens. In the case of paying with mefa, bnb will be required for automatic liquidity. This would create a huge burden on the team and would not be able to continue. It would also have to be sold and converted to bnb to add liquidity. This would cause a vicious cycle. Therefore, to make a positive contribution to this project, the spaces reserved for the team will be used. Mefa and bnb will be added to the liquidity along with the nft minting revenues. The more nft mints, the stronger the mefa liquidity pool will be.
In summary, payment will be made in ETH and BNB parity and the necessary part for liquidity will be provided and the other part will be provided from mefa team wallets.

Why Would People Need a Face NFT ?

Did people need electricity before electricity was produced? If Metaverse was a virtual land trading platform, then metaverse would be some serious bullshit. Humans will want to use their faces in this universe. Modeling from 2D to 3D is normally long and artificial intelligence is not used. We produce face NFTs in seconds with purely artificial intelligence. Please have friends in this industry examine it especially. They will discover the terrifying potential of Face NFTs.We are grateful to our community who believed in us and stayed with us until the end.

Software Copyrights

Everyone is trying to do this. But none of them succeeded, except us. There are 12 servers (6 Real,6 virtual ) running backend behind the system. The contract is just an nft mint contract. It has a very simple structure in a very easy way. All the complex part and modeling takes place in the background. It is not possible to steal the program and all rights belong to us. Our system can be emulated. But none of them has our experience in this field. Even the biggest projects in the world started with small steps in this way. And they correct the mistakes they see in the process and make improvements. We will act in this way. In summary, it is not possible to steal our project and all rights belong to mefa.


Our first goal as a project is to use Nfts produced in Facemaker on partner platforms. However, they will be available in the virtual meeting application we produce. Everyone knows how relevant virtual meetings are with the COVID process. You will only be able to participate in this project with your virtual reality glasses and you will use your face nfts in the meeting. It goes without saying how experienced we are in human faces. Anyone who produces projects with crypto platforms or blockchain knowledge will realize the potential of the project we produce.
■ The photo must have been taken from the front. (passport photo) *Photo size doesn’t matter.
■ However, it is important that it is not blurred.
■ You should pay attention to the fact that your photo is clear and the environment is bright.
■ There should be no jewelry such as hats, shawls, berets, glasses in the photo.
■ Your hair should not cover your face.
■ 6 different extensions are supported, including jpg and png.
■ These are important to get the best results