Information and Latest developments

During the bear season, which we have been in for about 500 days, mefa continued to publish and develop its projects.In the process, it tried to protect its safe. In this process, it did not work with influencers who were officially no different from thieves, so it didn't give them any money. Instead of spending 10K-50K on ads or accepting OTC offers, which would have made us officially pump and dump tokens, we aimed to protect the pre-sale price and safety of the project.
Sometimes, I see people advertising Mefa tokens. These are people who would never harm their followers, and here's why:
1- Since 80% of the liquidity of the mefa is the burned, the other part is locked. 2- The cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) doesn't have a big wallet . 3- There is absolutely no fake volume. Every dollar of volume seen is real. We know how to inflate the volume by selling 50K and buying 50K at the same price, but such things have not happened even once with Mefa. 4- Mefa has working projects, including an automatic burning lottery, an NFT collection, and its own market. 5- It's a project that incorporated artificial intelligence into its name, not one that just added 'AI' to its name. Mefa has been utilizing artificial intelligence since 2021.
In summary, During bear seasons, a random project every day loses a lot of value. In bull seasons, a random project every day gains a lot of value. Unfortunately, many small projects disappear within months during bear seasons, while at least 80 percent of medium-sized projects either close down or case empty. The status of the most important projects is no secret.
Latest updates: Several updates have been implemented within the VR application, such as optimizing scroll positioning to prevent entry into certain objects. The offers listed in the 'My Order' section of the FaceMarket were not visible. Although you could see them by going to the NFT where you made an offer, they were not visible on the 'My Order' page. This issue has been resolved.
We are slowing down the game project completely deliberately. At the very least, we want to delay this goal.
Partnership negotiations have been conducted with some projects. However, we have not reached any conclusions because most of these projects seemed to be prepared haphazardly, and there was no anticipation of a mutually beneficial partnership.