The aim of the mefa lottery game is automatic and healthy mefa burning.
Playing the PancakeSwap Lottery gives you a chance to win MEFA prizes! It's easy, fair, and you can enter as often as you like as long as you have the MEFA to buy a ticket.


  • Lottery ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$1 USD in MEFA. 5000 Mefa
  • Individual user Lottery entry limit: No overall limit, but only 100 tickets can be bought at a time.
  • Paying for one ticket will give users a random 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. “1-9-3-2-0-4”. Match numbers from the left to win prizes—the more numbers that match, the bigger the prize pool you'll share in.
  • Lottery uses Chainlink's implementation of VRF for true, secure randomness.
  • In each round, 27000 mefa will be added to the pool by the team. This will increase the mefa burn.
  • The aim of this game is to create a chance mechanism for mefa hodlers to win mefa rewards and burn mefa. Since our supply is limited, combustion will have a very positive effect.

Ticket costs and bulk purchase discount

Lottery ticket prices are set at the start of the new lottery round, and target $1 USD- 5000 MEFA
All rounds results can be tracked entirely on the blockchain. It uses exactly the same contract structure as Pancakeswap. Neither the team nor the lottery contract is likely to win. In non-winning rounds, while the prizes are transferred to the next round, a certain part of them is burned. None of the transaction fees incurred due to the BNB network during transactions have anything to do with mefa. This is purely due to network fees. In addition, as can be seen in the contract, there is no BNB accumulation situation for mefa or lottery contracts. The draw cannot be interfered with. The numbers are determined automatically. The only purpose of this game is to make mefa burning healthy and it is done together with the community. It is also to offer rewards to community participants.
The contract code can appear on the web, it has been uploaded to the github library. No rewards are taken. Prizes will be automatically sent to the winners as a result of the draw. In general, lotter applications are used in projects where the supply is not limited. And for this, token or coin is mint. However, mefa supply is limited and there is no mint.
Buying multiple Lottery tickets at once gives a bulk discount on your purchase. You can buy as many as 100 tickets in one purchase, with the discount starting small at 2 tickets, and scaling up to 4.95% at 100 tickets.

How to win

Match numbers, from the left side of your ticket, to the winning numbers drawn at the end of a Lottery round.
  • Matching even just the first number will win you a small prize.
  • Match more numbers to win a share of a larger prize pool.

Prize eligibility

‌There are a total of six lottery balls, from 0 to 9, on each ticket. To win, your numbers need to match the drawn numbers in the same order as the lottery balls, starting from the left of the ticket. For example:
Drawn numbers
Drawn Numbers
Your ticket's numbers
Your Ticket A
In the example above, Ticket A, five of the ticket's numbers match the same drawn numbers, in the exact same order: all except the fourth one.
However, since the fourth digit does not match the drawn number, only the first three digits count as matching in order. This would win a "Match first 3" prize.
Your Ticket B
Example Ticket B. Here's an unlucky one. Even though the last five digits match, the first digit doesn't match, so this ticket doesn't win anything at all.
You will only share in prizes from the highest prize bracket you are eligible for. A ticket matching the first three numbers will only be eligible for prizes from the match-three bracket, and not for the match-one or match-two brackets.
Remember: The digits must match in order, starting from left to right.

Prize sharing across prize brackets

‌After a round is drawn, and tickets with matching numbers are determined, the prizes are awarded. The amount won by each ticket will depend on how many other tickets won in the same prize bracket.
‌For example, if you have the only ticket that matched three numbers in order, and the predetermined share of the prize pool for your bracket was 2000000 MEFA, you'll receive the full 2000000 MEFA.
‌If, however, you and three other people match three numbers in order, the 2000000 MEFA would be split between the four winning tickets, meaning you would receive 500000 MEFA.

Lottery FAQ

What if there are no winners?

If MEFA in the prize pools isn't won it doesn't go to waste! Unclaimed MEFA rolls over to the next Lottery round and some part burn.

My ticket matches several numbers but I can't claim a prize

Tickets are only eligible for prizes if matching numbers from left to right. Please check the Prize eligibility heading on this page.
Mefa Lottery introduces:
  • cheaper ticket prices (~$1 USD in ~5000MEFA per ticket) that don't swing wildly with the price of MEFA
  • bulk ticket discounts
  • 6-tiered prize pool brackets with increasing prize pools as more numbers are matched
  • manual number selection (optional), so users can use their lucky numbers
  • Chainlink’s implementation of VRF for true, secure randomness
  • Every round of mefa burning

How are prizes broken down between brackets?

Each bracket's prize pool is a portion of the total MEFA in each Lottery round.
  • Bracket (numbers matched in order)
    MEFA Allocation
    First 1 number
    First 2 numbers
    First 3 numbers
    First 4 numbers
    First 5 numbers
    First 6 numbers

Can I swap my tickets back to MEFA?

No, once purchased you will not be able to convert your ticket back to MEFA.

If I win, do I need to manually claim the prize?

Yes, you will need to click the Check Now button under "Are you a winner?" on the Lottery page.

How often is the lottery?

A lottery draw occurs every 24 hours. One lottery draw occurs every day 05:00 PM UTC.

What transaction fee will I pay for buying tickets?

Every ticket purchase you make will be one transaction. Purchasing a single ticket in a Lottery purchase will cost the normal amount of fees for a transaction.
However, buying more tickets in that purchase will increase the fee. Buying 100 tickets rather than 1 will not multiply the fee by 100, but may increase the fee amount by 5-6 times (though this varies). This fee is fully paid for the BSC network. It may vary according to the condition and density of the network.

How does the bulk discount work?

The bulk discount rewards buying larger amounts of tickets with a scaling discount. If you're only buying 2 tickets, the discount is negligible, but will add up quickly as you increase the number of tickets to buy in one transaction.
The discount only applies to each transaction up to 100 tickets. The discount does not carry over to the next transaction or next round.

Why can I only buy 100 tickets?

You can only buy a maximum of 100 tickets in one purchase, but you can make multiple purchases. There's nothing to stop you buying more tickets after your first 100.

If I manually create two or more tickets with the same numbers and they win, am I eligible for prizes for each ticket?

Yes, each ticket is treated as a separate entry to the Lottery. Keep in mind that the prizes will not be 1:1 though, as each winning ticket you have dilutes each share of the bracket's total prizes.

Injection schedule: When is MEFA added to the lottery?

When people buy tickets, the MEFA they spend is added to the lottery pot. In addition, 27,000 MEFA is also added (injected) to the lottery pot every round .