Mefa Story

The pre-sale was made about a year and a half ago, on 2021.12.06 and Mefa started its life on pancakeswap.
We collected 100 BNB in seconds. 40 million mefa was bought for 1 BNB. You can review all the projects published on this date. Because none of those is still alive. You will witness that many projects that came out not only at that time, but also after, did not survive.
At the time of the pre-sale, our project could be tested, only a web application was not built. He had zero belief in the feasibility of the project. So we had to deal with very cruel comments. And one of the most memorable events was when an engineer we tried to recruit told us that it was impossible to do.
CG and CMC listings took place very quickly after it went on the pancake. After we entered CMC, we were in trends and our price began increasing very fast. We caught the attention of hackers. In addition, hundreds of fake web pages, airdrop pages, telegram pages and youtube pages were opened. Therefore, people must only follow the official announcements on our official social media.
While CMC was on trend, we were attacked by a group of Asian origin. The attack lasted about 7 hours. Even our hosting company was affected by this attack. They thought we were sharing the codes on the website. They wanted to scan subdomains and steal codes.And you know what the hackers were trying to do? They were trying to load an index.html on our web page. On this index page, it was written that we are a fake project. However, we solved the problem, closed the doors and informed people in the process. Our old investors remember our first website, it was a completely original website. All rights belong to us. However, since many features were turned off after the attack, we started to have mobile compatibility problems. And as a result we used wordpress to refresh our website quickly and published the new website. You can think of our website as a showcase. We are currently on a very fast server, visually strong and we can add many projects to subdomains.
Then we started working on the project. In fact, the second peak time of our price coincided with this time. Metaversefacemaker started ITS life at the scheduled time. This was the first project where characters were rendered using artificial intelligence. We were the first and we are still unique.
In this process, There were listings in crypto exchanges. We started with the Bitmart listing. However, due to the problems experienced with CMC and the reasons related to mm problems, we left this exchange at our request. We were and still are listed on the MEXC exchange as it is one. Because MEXC is one of the best exchanges and it is really a very safe and fast exchange. We are also listed on whitebit during this process. Then we published the VR Meeting project. We wanted to give people a real metaverse environment, not a simple 2D game. A platform accessed through virtual glasses. We have chosen Oculus as they are best in our opinion. We do not have an advertising or sponsorship agreement. But definitely the best VR headset is Oculus. There's a lot to be said, but BNB was $500 when we pre-sale. And we never saw these numbers again. We tried to survive in a terrible bear market and we managed to succeed. And we succeeded. Using discrete buybacks in a period of low volume we managed to support the price. We think the bear market will end due to the softening of the FED and the upcoming halwing. Our projects are dreams of many other projects. They present it as a target but with no tangible results, once in a while a video, a visual, but no results. Mefa is a strong project with several However, for these anecdotes, you can reach the old messages of our telegram page. sub-projects in development. For mefa, which survived this long bear season, protected its safe and got rid of its impatient investors, it was time to literally explode. There are hundreds of topics to be mentioned in this historical process. However, for those, you may look at old messages in our telegram group.
The Mefa project gave people a pretty crazy new idea. It has shown to all people that all objects in the world can be easily transferred to the metaverse environment with NFTs using artificial intelligence. This was not an imitation. It was a completely revolutionary project. It has been a complete guide to the use of NFTs. Artificial intelligence technology and nft technology came together. Converting a photo of an object to 3D NFT in seconds is only possible with powerful devices and servers. From day one, we have acted with complete honesty, following our specified roadmap. People said Facemaker cannot be done. We did it successfully! They said that the VR project cannot be done. We did. Now, they may say the game cannot be made, but we will prove them wrong again!We are currently trying to survive a bear season. This does not happen by chance, we are constantly feeding the chart with buybacks. We are constantly buying. We maintain our own volume in an environment where the volume of even large coins has fallen below $ 1 million. We move forward without making any promises to anyone. We would like to thank mefa investors for their support in this journey.